Learn how meeting rooms are being utilised, identify underused space and advise flexible workers

Occupiers are beginning to realise that the traditional one desk per employee approach is fast becoming outdated, with flexible working hours, hot-desking and home working now the norm. This introduces a problem which can only be solved by reliable data. Ensuring your occupants have a place to work whilst balancing the ever-growing cost of desks in city locations, stretches budgets, allows for improved office design and increases the productivity of occupants.

Your platform will not only provide hard benefits from better use of operational expenditure, it will also improve occupier satisfaction. Studies show that workplace productivity can increase by more than 22% when an office is well designed. Metrikus's Smart Maintenance and Wellness modules are both fully integrated with the Occupancy Solution. Engineering teams can use real data to program the building to suit its inhabitants and create maintenance procedures based on need.

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Estate Rationalisation


Rent comprises a large portion of operational costs - reducing space can prove challenging for businesses of all sizes.


Monitor space utilisation and see which of your buildings and what percentage of each building are being used in real-time throughout the days, weeks and months. Compare and contrast different buildings in your portfolio to understand usage trends.

Hot Desking Stategy


Providing enough free space whilst maintaining high levels of usage.


Real-time, continuous data can be gathered and monitored to understand peak usage which can be used to re-allocate tenants to nearby sites or alternate areas of the building.



Insuring capacity based health & safety and regulatory compliance throughout your building.


Monitor occupancy and set thresholds with associated alerts based on your limiting factor - whether that be ventilation or means of escape.

Connect. Respond. Transform.

✔ View your real-time building, floor, or room occupancy data on a digital map. 

✔ We collect data from a variety of platforms and sensors, which power insights into how your spaces are being used.

✔ Build dashboards, graphs and charts, contextual rules, trigger alerts and view changes via any device to monitor space occupancy, utilisation, or capacity. 

✔ Engineering teams can use real data to program the building to suit its inhabitants and create flexible maintenance programs.