Bring together information about your building to view your operation from a single source of truth.

Almost all FM teams are faced with the issue of scattered data, which is often stored in silos, with no interoperability and even using different mediums. In cases where records must be updated on hard copy, they are subject to human error and can be damaged or even lost. To be truly effective this data needs to be consolidated, standardised, connected and accessible to FM personnel, both on-site and remotely. It is becoming increasingly clear that changing the way data is stored and utilised is not only necessary but crucial.

The Metrikus platform’s core function is to create a virtual building twin, bringing together information about your building and its physical assets into a single source of truth. With an accurate Visual Asset Registry, Facility Managers will increase operational efficiency and first-time fix rates. Our platform is designed to be a tool that gives users accurate information at their fingertips, enabling them to work faster and smarter.

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Connect. Respond. Transform.

✔ View all of your building’s assets on a digital map. 

✔ Quickly and simply import physical assets, from HVAC units to fire extinguishers, onto the Metrikus platform.

✔ Allow property owners, facility managers, operations teams, and tenants to monitor the location and condition of all assets from a single source of up-to-date information. 

✔ Give on-site engineers digital floor plans, user manuals and service history, reducing the time taken to carry out maintenance tasks whilst allowing them to update records, ensuring all information about your building is true, accurate and accessible.