We empower tenants to improve their indoor environment.

Metrikus empowers tenants with the information they need to understand the quality of their indoor environment. We know that people often spend up to 90% of their time indoors, a large portion of which is spent at work. It is widely accepted that the issue of poor indoor environmental quality has been overlooked for many years, and because our health and wellbeing are directly impacted by our surroundings, we have created a Workplace Wellness System to combat this issue.

Without the means to monitor and measure the factors that affect indoor environmental quality, it is difficult to know exactly how your building is performing. Poor quality workspaces can lead to chronic health problems if left unaddressed.

We are here to change all of that. By displaying data in one place, adding real-time feeds and making information visual, we help people realise the impact of poor indoor environmental quality.  

Healthy spaces, healthy people

Reduce the cost associated with absenteeism. Office-related sickness costs the UK economy approximately 25 million lost working days every year.  With our platform you can see the quality of your indoor spaces by simply checking your building’s health dashboard to ensure the healthiest, most comfortable environment for your people.

Competitive gain

Real-time visibility empowers you to become proactive in raising awareness of poor quality conditions in your workspaces, before they become a problem. Healthy working environments drive business success through increased productivity. Additionally, increased transparency between building owners and tenants, to promote a sense of collaboration, can improve building value for all.

See everything in one place

Metrikus’s Workplace Wellness System monitors and measures air quality, thermal comfort, light and noise throughout all your buildings.