Well-planned building management scheduling based on real-time information.

Engineering departments use CAFM systems, spreadsheets, compliance registers and building management systems for the day to day running of their assets, but when it comes to strategic maintenance regimes, data from these systems is rarely combined. Additionally, existing asset servicing practices rely on time-based, planned preventative maintenance (PPM), whereby an asset is maintained over incremental periods with no real-time data to inform this decision. Following this methodology, it’s reported that for every dollar spent on PPM, half is wasted.

The Metrikus Platform brings all your building’s information into a single location and supplements it with data from additional sensors, external conditions, and real-time property usage. Using this data, we automatically compare your KPIs and processes with industry best practices, allowing you to strategically benchmark your maintenance regimes and create a smart maintenance system for your buildings to streamline your operations and reduce cost.

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Visual Asset Register


Facility Management teams are faced with the issue of scattered data, which is often of poor quality and stored in silos with no interoperability.


Bring together information about your building to view your entire operation from a single source of truth. Increasing operational efficiency and first-time fix rates.

BMS Optimisation


A building management system can often be outdated, accessed by only a handful of people and flag failures but not alert anyone until an issue starts to become a bigger problem.


Enrich your BMS with more data from IoT devices to help it create logic that is relevant to how the building is performing accurately and in real-time.

Compliance Testing & Automation


Tap temperature monitoring and other tasks that are involved in compliance management are time consuming, repetitive and require costly on-site visits.


Automating these tasks using sensors and producing reports to verify the success or failure of these tests can save time and money.

Connect. Respond. Transform.

✔ View all of your building’s assets on a digital map. 

✔ Quickly and simply import physical assets, from HVAC units to fire extinguishers, onto the Metrikus platform.

✔ Allow property owners, facility managers, operations teams, and tenants to monitor the location and condition all assets from a single source of up-to-date information. 

✔ Give on-site engineers digital floor plans, user manuals and service history, reducing the time taken to carry out maintenance tasks whilst allowing them to update records, ensuring all information about your building is true, accurate and accessible.