We provide full and detailed views of the location and condition of all your equipment in real-time.

We help Facility Managers work more efficiently by digitising assets, providing real-time data on equipment health, sending alerts and automating certain maintenance and operational processes. We add value to your existing BMS and other building systems to help drive down reactive FM and the associated costs.

The basic information that keeps buildings running is usually trapped in paperwork, spreadsheets, emails or systems. Without accurate real-time visibility, FM’s have a hard time keeping assets working optimally.

Often organisations are forced to wait for equipment to fail before they repair or replace it. This risky, reactive strategy frequently results in unknown maintenance costs and can impact on the lifespan and performance of equipment.

We love assets and their data! Our solution records everything from an asset's real-time energy consumption to it's make, model, serial number, installation date, condition and location. We deliver the full picture as we understand that while an operator may know what’s wrong with an asset, they may struggle to locate it in a large building. Our interface allows users to remotely check the health of equipment in seconds, empowering them with the data they need to address issues faster. Contact us to discover how we can help you.

Real-time information

View all your equipment on a digital map, access asset information, define user roles, build contextual rules, trigger alerts and receive real-time performance information.

Useful, smart data

Combine the real-time data of all your connected devices and operating systems to gather the information you need to address status changes before they become issues, and before they escalate.

Save time, energy and money

Optimise equipment utilisation and access historical data to create planned maintenance strategies and reduce costs.