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Visual Asset Registry


Reduce maintenance time and cost by creating a virtual building twin.

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Workplace Utilisation


Manage your workplace utilisation efficiently to optimise space, time and productivity.

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Workplace Wellness


Monitor your workplace utilisation to create a healthier and more productive environment for your team.

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Smart Maintenance

Save time through well planned scheduling based on real-time information.

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The digital platform that connects the built environment

A leader in smart building technology we gather information from building systems and other sensors to help our customers understand their buildings.

We help our customers gain useful insight into three key areas, critical asset maintenance, space utilisation and the health of a building's physical environment as it impacts the people who work there.

It is our mission to digitise the entire built environment leading to more productive, safer and healthier places to work.

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View all your equipment on a digital map. Connect data from sensors to track equipment health; fan speed, leak detection, temperature, humidity, CO2, workplace utilisation and general office wellness. 

Access insights, define user roles, build contextual rules, trigger alerts and receive performance reports via any device. The scalable and secure Metrikus platform provides a Visual Asset Register and a single source of data and rids age-old isolated silos.

Use drag and drop features to easily add buildings, floors and assets straight onto your map.



The Metrikus system sends alerts to your operators as soon as an asset state changes outside of normal working parameters or, for example, when a PPM is due. This level of real-time transparency helps prevent equipment failure, extends the life of assets, cuts reaction time by two-thirds and dramatically decreases the number of engineer site visits.

Access the current status of equipment alongside its historical data and use it to predict asses failure and control budgets.



There are clear benefits that arise from having a space with an optimised environment and this translates into tangible business advantages. Introducing Metrikus to your workplace will improve your employees' productivity, health and wellbeing.

Optimise asset utilisation and in turn, improve health and wellbeing, reduce energy costs and extend asset life through proactive work and maintenance.



Destroy data silos! Built on open standards, our system combines data from unlimited devices, systems and buildings to form a single, intuitive interface.



From one to a million feeds and beyond, our scalable solution grows with your business and becomes cheaper and more effective the bigger your portfolio grows.



You set the rules. View the status of your equipment in real-time and when conditions change, receive alerts with the data you need to address issues before they escalate.



Plan better, react faster. Instantly access all of your asset data from our Visual Asset Register and use it to reduce the number of engineer site visits and increase the life of your assets.



Measure & optimise your office wellness and have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the people inside them.



Stay in the green. Plan maintenance and surveys using industry recognised schedules, maintain your compliance levels intuitively and find peace of mind. 



Easily read and understand your asset data in real-time. Access all the information you need from anywhere, anytime, using any device.



Receive reports that are relevant to you, whilst providing an unlimited number of users with different levels of data access to empower them.



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